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Top 5 Online Course Providers

TheĀ online course providersĀ are destined to cover MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and other such dedicated courses over online platforms. The students or applicants turning up for such courses will be given online lessons and assessments for mastering the curriculum and concept. Some of the online courses also reward certifications upon completion for a career perspective.

There are many courses that are offered for free, but some of the high-end ones demand a monthly or one-time fee from students. Paid courses are often advanced and have higher career prospects on completion. In this article, you will know about a few of theĀ best online course providersĀ within this list.

5 Popular Online Course ProvidersĀ 

Here is theĀ online course providers listĀ of 5 top names that have established their names in the market with their quality teaching aspects:

1. Edureka

Edureka online coursesĀ have bagged the first number in this list because of their impeccable features and offerings. It has a plethora of top online courses that will not just improve your skill but will also help you in building a career. Moreover, it offers live online classes and has interactive class sessions to focus upon individual students.

All the online courses available with Edureka are backed with industry-specific case studies, each and every time. The certifications offered by Edureka are industry-recognized, that will help you apply for respective job opportunities in top industries and MNCs. Moreover, by taking online courses from Edureka, you get lifetime access to the reference materials of that course. Therefore, it is one of theĀ top online course providersĀ that you must prefer.

2. Eduonix

EduonixĀ is yet another popular online course provider that has affordable and top-notch courses listed over its platform. It is a premier skill development and training organization that intends to put up best learning practices for applicants without letting them move out of their house. If you wish to enhance your portfolio with more skills and expertise, then Eduonix can help you out with ideal courses for the same.

Eduonix offers you courses on software development, business, design, academics, marketing, lifestyle, IT, and others. You just have to name the category, and there are multiple courses available for you within it. Select the one you need, and you will enter the path of obtaining a quality education.

3. Whizlabs

Whizlabs is destined to offers online certification courses for professionals to master the core demanding technologies of the era. You will find courses on cloud computing, Java, project management, Big Data, Linux, Blockchain, and other such categories, to train you for professional opportunities across the globe.

It has a team of experts that offers premium support to the subscribers of the platform. Moreover, Whizlabs offers your utmost convenience with its yearly subscription. All of the learning sources available online can be accessed throughout the year without restrictions, upon annual subscription. It has a facility of offering a business account, with which one account can be accessible by five users or team members. Hence, they are one of the preferableĀ online course providersĀ amongst all.

4. Udemy

Udemy online coursesĀ are for businesses and their teams to stay updated with modern technologies and knowledge. The workplace around the globe is changing rapidly, and Udemy offers on-demand content to learn from a collection of over 2500 courses. Udemy has the worldā€™s top faculties or experts to carry out the course lessons for students.

Udemy focuses on offering key technical and business topics that range from IT & development to leadership attributes. Not just that, it also focuses upon providing stress management, designing, and marketing courses. Teams of many leading organizations across the globe are using Udemy to enhance their skills and expertise.

5. 101 Blockchains

101 BlockchainsĀ is yet the last name on this list but is also a trusted course provider amongst all. It offers professional enterprise blockchain training and research. The aim of these course providers is to help enterprise professionals learn about blockchain more precisely and be global experts in it.

101 Blockchains offers practical and quality knowledge to enterprise professionals to enhance their existing skills and help them learn newer ones to compete with the ever-changing work culture.


These are theĀ most popular online course providersĀ amongst all others. Therefore, if you are running a business and want to upgrade your team to newer skills and knowledge, let them take up quality courses from top providers from any of the above platforms. These platforms will also welcome you, even if you are just willing to learn about new technologies of the modern era.

Make sure you do your research, check on the reviews, and then pick the right online course provider to meet your knowledge requirements.

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