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Top 5 Hotel Booking Sites

Travel planning is incomplete without a proper room or place to stay. And, to make hotel search easy for you, there are severalĀ best hotel booking sites ready to provide you with comfortable rooms at affordable pricing. You just need to pick the right platform and type in your location, check-in & check-out date, and the number of guests. You will get the list of hotels partnered with the platform or brand for you to choose from.

There is an endless list of platforms or sites, but here are the fiveĀ most popular online hotel booking sites listed for you to narrow down your shortlist.

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Top 5 Hotel Booking Sites That You Must Try

1. OYO


OYO is one of the biggest names within this hotel & accommodation industry. OYO is not just offering the facilities of booking a hotel, but it helps you prioritize your choice based upon different factors. It consists of a rating and review system for the customers to leave feedback on their hotel experience with OYO. It will help the brand improve its services, and the hotels will be offering better hospitality to the forthcoming customers.

OYO is one of the best hotel booking sites in India. It comes with a Wizard Membership, with which you can get your hotel booking done at an even cheaper rate. And, this is what makes OYO number 1 on this list!

2. is yet another popular online hotel booking site of India that has listed not just luxury hotels but also budget accommodation options. It is quite popular for its free conditional cancellation on most of the hotels listed over the site. In addition to that, for every ten nights you stay at a hotel booked from this site, you get a reward. Not just that, but if you find a better rate than, they will issue you the refund instantly.

Hence, this is the service that attracts customers to use on priority. Therefore, it bagged the second number on this list!

3. Agoda


Agoda is a popular hotel booking site that began with its services for Asia but has now entered the US as well. Agoda has a list of best hotels and amazing deals than the fellow competitions within the industry. The best part about Agoda is that it doesn’t stop right there with hotels but also allows you to book private stays, flights, and a bundle booking of flight tickets and hotel as well.

The site has hotels listed with the ‘EasyCancel’ badge. It indicates that such hotels are offering free cancellation with certain conditions. Check on them, and you will find Agoda as a reliable platform for any change of plans.

4. FabHotels


FabHotelsĀ is also a popular name that is destined to be added to the list of best andĀ cheap hotel booking sites. FabHotels is taking care of customer satisfaction aspects on priority. It says either you spend a fabulous time at your hotel booked from the site, or FabHotels will bear the expenses. It gives a sign-up bonus for new customers and allows them to use it in 5 of their bookings by splitting it.

There are endless offers available at FabHotels for new and existing customers over time. The brand is partnered with over 600 hotels in over 50 cities of India and has listed over 10k rooms. It has a category-wise listing to make it easy for your search. Head down to the bottom of the website to select the category-wise location for easy search.

5. Goibibo


When you are looking forĀ hotel booking sites cheapĀ rates, you cannot miss out on Goibibo ever. It is meant to be part of the top 5 best online hotel booking sites. Goibibo hotel booking has an easy user interface for users to understand and use. You can either put up your manual details of the trip, which includes the number of rooms, number of guests, check-in and check-out date, or select the categories listed on the website’s landing page for an easy booking of a bundle package.

Goibibo also provides attractive deals and offers to customers on selected bookings. The hotels that offer free cancellation have been mentioned accordingly over the website.


These are the top 5 best online hotel booking sites that you can shortlist and check for your hotel booking needs. You need to check the rates of hotels and your selected rooms over all of the sites. And then choose the one that suits you the best.

As the pandemic situation is now taking a downfall, the hotels are sanitized and ready to welcome guests. The hotel booking sites or brands are also looking forward to these hygiene cleaning aspects of the rooms and hotels.

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